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Why Does a Business Need Promotional Photography?

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What Types of Promotional Photographs do We Take?

Product photography service in Bangladesh

Photographs can be taken of one specific product from different angles. One can also take photographs of several products as groups. These photos showcase the products from different angles. It helps the viewer to get a better look at the product.

Product photography can let the viewer in on the product size, color, dimensions, and outlook. It can convince them to buy the product.

E-commerce product photography service

Many online pages and websites run their business with photographs. These photographs can be of the product or the manufacturing process. They increase audience engagement of the page or website. More people react, comment, and engage with them.

Well-shot and creative photographs can generate a large audience. A larger audience is always great news in terms of sales. The more people know about your service, the more your business grows.

Billboard photography

Billboards can be seen almost every time we go out. Printed images displayed on billboards are easily seen by many people. These images are usually of models posing with a targeted product. They include the brand name and might include a promotional line or two.

Promoting through billboards is an excellent way of generating more audiences. It helps more people learn about your product and company.

360-degree photography

360-degree photography is a new edition in the photograph promoting campaign. The photos are taken using a new technology that allows the viewers to have a 360-degree view of the product. The experience is almost like viewing the product in real-time.

Using 360-degree photographs for promotion is the latest technique. This unique experience can convince the audience to trust your product and company better.

Promotional photography

In this photograph promoting campaign short taglines or captions are used with the photographs. They may declare a lucrative discount, a giveaway, or a promotional voucher. They may also include the company’s vision and business motto.

Promotional photography can give the viewer a better insight into your business. Adding a relatable or intriguing tagline can make more people interested in your service. These photographs help generate a large audience.

Process photography

In this promotional campaign the photographs aim to give the audience a view of the product-making process. The factory, staff in action, raw materials, pieces of machinery, the product in making may be photographed for this campaign.

These can assure the audience of your superior product quality. The photos can help give your brand a more honest and transparent reputation. The more the mass trusts your company, the better your business runs.

Other photography services

We do photography for small business that is aspiring to grow. Our photography for real estate can make your sites more popular. We also do corporate headshot photography that helps people know the people running the company.

We offer the best quality photography services in Bangladesh that will generate more audience and help your business grow.

Professional product photography in Bangladesh
Why Choose us

Why Choose Media Alo?

In Media Alo, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service. Here are some reasons why you should choose us-

Top-class models

Our models are talented hard workers who are critically acclaimed in their field.

The best equipment in use

We use the latest models of equipment in taking our photographs. Our shots come with high resolution.

Time Management

We dedicate ourselves to provide you with the best service within the time you allot to us.

Talented and Innovative minds at work:

Our photographers, models, and staff members are skilled in their field. We put more emphasis on bringing out more creative and original work.

So, do not second guess anymore and contact us today to get the best photograph promotion.

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Frequently asked Question

Photograph marketing is a marketing campaign run with still shots of the products, making process, and the company. Photographs are more interesting than written advertisements. A well-run photograph marketing can grab a lot of viewers.

Using photographs to promote your company and product is a must these days. Most people engage with aesthetic shots of various products these days. A written advertisement, no matter how well written, reaches fewer people. Photographs allow the audience to know about your service in mere seconds.

Photograph marketing cost tends to depend on your preference. You may choose top-tier professionals to do it for you, or you may choose to work with talented but less demanded professionals. If you wish for grandiosity and want to keep everything top-notch you would need to pay a heftier sum.

You may think that the money, effort, or time spent on photograph marketing is not worth it, but you would be wrong. Most of us find it easy to interact with a photograph. We can gather much information by viewing a picture for few seconds. To impart the same amount of details you would at least have to write a hundred words which many will choose not to read.

Blog posts are great for letting the customer have an in-depth view of your product or service. However, a long blog post can be boring for most people. On the other hand, a vivid photograph can usually grab the viewer’s attention.

It is your choice who you want to hire for your photograph marketing campaign. Hiring an amateur might yield good results but hiring a commercial photography agency is a safer choice. Experience can create a big difference in making your campaign a success.

Both photograph and video marketing are efficient in generating a large audience. In this online era, most of us are almost equally exposed to picture and video content. If you prefer videos over still pictures, you can try our Video Marketing service.


What My Clients Say?

We decided to make promotional videos for our new furniture and we hired Media Alo to do the task. To be honest, they did a fantastic job with our videos. They have made over 70 videos for us. Each of them had a professional touch that goes well with our brand. Their videos helped us get more audience and gave us a good ROI. Thank you Media Alo for your professional effort. Looking forward to working with you again.
Client Hatil
Media Alo is a production house that is as good as advertised. They never fail to keep their promise of making high-quality videos for our brand. They understand our products very well and come up with video ideas that connect the audience with our brand. We are thankful to Media Alo for giving us such fruitful videos to spread our brand awareness. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Client Walton
SR Umbrella Company had a wonderful experience with Media Alo. We were looking for a highly professional videography team that would satisfy our standards. Media Alo has done a splendid job of reflecting our service upon their work. In only a few days, our social site's notification bar has been blowing up. The amount of reach and positive feedback we've gotten has drastically increased.
Client SR Umbrella
SR Umbrella