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Online Video Commercial (OVC):

Today, most of us spend several hours online regularly. While browsing through social media, surfing websites, and playing games, we come across many online video commercials. These commercials can be in-stream, out-stream, or interactive. It may appear while you are reading an article or playing a game.
In-stream commercials pop up when you are watching other videos. It may appear in between a related video or separately. Out-stream videos tend to show up in a blog or article on certain websites. Interactive videos appear full-screen and might ask you to interact with them. You can add video commercials on your business website to promote your product or service.

Facebook Cover Video

A Facebook cover video plays every time a visitor pays a visit to your page. It is very effective in increasing engagement on your business page. Usually, the video plays on a loop and keeps the visitor for an extended time.
Using vibrant colors and aesthetic shots in your Facebook cover video can make it more appealing to the watcher. It works better than a blog post or a still photo. These videos appear on the front and center of your page and grab the attention of a visitor. You may impart details of your products and promote your company in a cover video.

Videos for Facebook Marketing

You can make interesting videos about your products, services, or company and upload them on Facebook for more viewer engagement. More people watch videos on Facebook and react or comment on them. A large number of people knowing about your company can dramatically improve your business.
These videos are usually made in a way that immediately grabs the viewer's attention. They often reference current events or pop culture to get more viewers to interact with them. Well thought out and creative videos get more shares and generate more audience.

Corporate Videos

This type of video is used to promote the company and its image and values. These videos may talk about the company's origin and reputation, what they have managed so far, and their future endeavors. These videos serve to give the viewer an overview of the brand.

Brand Promo Video

This type of video may advertise a lucrative discount or vouchers to promote a brand. They are made to get the viewer interested in the brand. These videos may talk about the brand image, product quality, and customer service. Their main motive is to convince the viewer that choosing this brand would not be a decision they regret.

Product Review Videos

These types of videos focus mainly on the product. They talk about the product in depth. They usually include the better qualities of the products, but some may also reveal their weaker aspects. These videos tend to be very informative. They talk about the material quality, features, and durability of the product.
In these videos, the viewer can also see the product in three dimensions and better quality. They can also see how the product is used and the service quality they provide.


This type of video documents the brand's journey, its products, and service, its reputation, and credibility. They tend to be somewhat lengthy, so special attention is paid to keep them interesting. A documentary may show how a product is made and how it came to be. These videos may talk about the innovation of the company, its visions, and its principles.

We can help you make the best quality video of any of the types you want. For innovative and engaging video promotions put your trust in Media Alo.

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Why Choose us

Why Choose Media Alo?

In Media Alo, we are dedicated to providing you the best service. Here are some reasons why you should choose us-

Top-class models

Our models are talented and critically acclaimed in their field.

The best equipment in use

We use the latest models of equipment in making our videos. Our videos come with high resolution and better sound quality.

Time Management

We are dedicated to providing you the best service within the time you allot to us.

Talented and Innovative minds at work:

Our videographers, directors, and staff members are talented in their field. We put more emphasis on bringing out more creative and original work.

So, don’t second guess anymore and contact us today to get the best video promotion.

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Frequently asked Question

Video content marketing is a way of promoting your company or product through videos. These videos can be used on various platforms and can generate a large audience.

Studies proove that a video ad is watched by more people. The increased engagement of the audience with a video makes the product and brand more popular.

Video promotions are great in gluing the viewer’s eyes to your product for an extended time. They help generate more publicity compared to still pictures. However, if you prefer photographed promotion over video promotion, you can check out Media Alo’s photograph marketing service.

The cost of your promotional video mostly depends on your preference. If you prefer a simple yet innovative one, it will not cost a lot. But if you want grandiosity, and a premium quality video, the cost will increase. Getting it done by professionals will cost you more, but the increased engagement is worth it.

Video marketing tends to be more costly; they demand more time and creative thinking. However, the results make the extra effort worth it. Most people engage with video content, and you can use them to dramatically increase your company’s popularity and sales.

It is your decision who you want to hire for your product promotion. However, it is a better choice to appoint skilled professionals to make your video content. That way, the quality would be better, and the ideas would be more creative.

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What My Clients Say?

We decided to make promotional videos for our new furniture and we hired Media Alo to do the task. To be honest, they did a fantastic job with our videos. They have made over 70 videos for us. Each of them had a professional touch that goes well with our brand. Their videos helped us get more audience and gave us a good ROI. Thank you Media Alo for your professional effort. Looking forward to working with you again.
Client Hatil
Media Alo is a production house that is as good as advertised. They never fail to keep their promise of making high-quality videos for our brand. They understand our products very well and come up with video ideas that connect the audience with our brand. We are thankful to Media Alo for giving us such fruitful videos to spread our brand awareness. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Client Walton
SR Umbrella Company had a wonderful experience with Media Alo. We were looking for a highly professional videography team that would satisfy our standards. Media Alo has done a splendid job of reflecting our service upon their work. In only a few days, our social site's notification bar has been blowing up. The amount of reach and positive feedback we've gotten has drastically increased.
Client SR Umbrella
SR Umbrella